External entities and organizations: Logo use permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. To request use of official university logos, this online form must be completed. Please provide detailed parameters regarding your intended use. Reasonable notice should be given for logo requests.

Approvals are for one-time use only. Subsequent uses of official logos on additional communications vehicles will need to be requested separately.

Faculty and staff: Most standard file formats are available at the University Relations branding under "Downloads" by entering a PID and password. Use this form only to request file formats not available on the branding site.

Graduate and undergraduate students: Use this form to request university logos for academic uses, such as conference presentations and class projects.

Questions? Contact branding@vt.edu

Visit this page for logos associated with Virginia Tech trademarks and licensed products.

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 Web only
 CMYK (offset/professional printing, process colors)
 RGB (desktop publishing, PowerPoint, broadcast)
 Official university maroon only (PMS 208)/spot color)
 Two-color (official university maroon shield, PMS 208 with black logotype, “Virginia Tech”)
 Black & white (solid black)
 Black & white (60% black shield/gray with black logotype, “Virginia Tech”)
 Reversed out logo (standard)
 Reversed out logo (shield with white outline)
 Hex colors (Web)
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Use or reproduction of any logos or wordmarks is prohibited without the approval of University Relations.

WHEREAS, Virginia Tech is the owner of all rights, title, interests, and goodwill in and to certain designations comprising designs, trade names, trademarks and service marks, including but not limited to the designations depicted in our Identity Guidelines and Policy Manual, and other designs, seals, and symbols (hereinafter collectively referred to as "licensed marks"), which have come to be associated with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University;

Virginia Tech retains all rights to licensed marks except as otherwise granted herein.