Virginia Tech Brand Refresh: Coming later in 2017 …

What is a brand?

For Virginia Tech, a brand is a promise to students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and the public about who we are and what we can and will deliver. It’s a way of telling our story, through the images and messages we communicate. It’s NOT a logo, a tagline or an ad campaign — those are tools of a brand campaign that help articulate the promise.

Why is Virginia Tech refreshing its brand?

Virginia Tech has grown and evolved over the decades and as it has, how the institution represented itself has changed. Change is constant here at Virginia Tech, and it’s necessary for us to continuously evolve how we represent ourselves to keep pace. A brand refresh is needed to make sure what we are delivering matches what our stakeholders perceive. Virginia Tech, and higher education in general, has evolved tremendously in the last decade.

What are the goals of this initiative?

The primary objective is to establish a compelling, authentic, inspiring and unified position in the minds of our audiences including: prospective students, current students, faculty/staff, donors, alumni and public at large.

A refreshed brand message and creative platform will help us consistently and clearly communicate what makes our university unique and authentic. We want to tell the story of how we are reimagining higher education and solving real-world problems. It’s vital to keep Virginia Tech as a first -choice among top-quality students, faculty, and staff.

What will change?

Virginia Tech is moving in innovative new directions under transformative new leadership, and we are truly rethinking higher education. The university is in the process of how to best and most effectively articulate where Virginia Tech is headed, so right now we cannot say exactly what will change.  But we can share what we know will not: our name: Virginia Tech; our mascot: the Hokie Bird; and our orange and maroon school colors that have defined us since 1896; and the heritage of our beginnings with the Corps of Cadets.

How is the identity and brand strategy being integrated with Virginia Tech Athletics and the Corps of Cadets?

Virginia Tech Athletic brand and the Corps of Cadets are a strategic part of the university’s comprehensive identity and brand.  Today's athletics is a reputation builder for the university and the university brand refresh and direction fits well within the currently revised platform for Virginia Tech athletics.