Brand promise

  • Quality 
  • Innovation 
  • Results

Brand drivers

  • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty experts
  • Groundbreaking research and eminent scholarship
  • Challenging academic standards
  • Technological leadership
  • Service to community and society

Brand positioning statement

Virginia Tech is a high-performing research university with a world-view that advances the land-grant values of discovery, learning, and outreach. We serve and engage the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world. We attract motivated, high-achieving students, staff, and faculty who excel in an academically energized, technologically creative, and culturally inclusive learning community. Our bold spirit, climate of innovation and service, open boundaries of study and research, and entrepreneurial approach positively transform lives and communities.

A note on developing brand messages

Messaging strongly supports brand development and our brand recognition. We build our messaging around the “brand drivers” described above. Irrespective of our logo, colors, icons, letterhead, Web designs, and all the other features that comprise a standards manual, an organization’s brand exists in the minds of people. Thus, opinions, along with the reality of the marketplace, create reputation.

This is not a primer on writing. However, when considering brand development keep in mind the brand drivers and use subordinate “proof points” that validate the brand. Proof points, which often are unique to a program audience, are factoids, rankings, recognition, awards, testimonials, compelling news stories, and more. For example, as a way to underscore faculty excellence, admissions literature will surely focus on the chance to study with professors “who write the textbooks.” The literature might also develop themes around the special features of a residential campus, the sense of community, or the ability to get a job after graduation. We encourage you to use the brand platform, developed by the university’s leadership team, to inform your choice of stories and how you characterize the institution. Ultimately, we want Virginia Tech to be recognized for quality, innovation, and impactful results.