Don't create other logos
Th e creation of new logos to designate the university, a college, a department, an institute, or center is prohibited.

The creation of new logos to designate the university, a college, a department, an institute, or center is prohibited. No name or logo or other branding element designed outside of the parameters identified in this manual will be endorsed and/or approved by Virginia Tech.

Building brand-name recognition can be difficult and costly, therefore other logos created for university units may add to name confusion in the marketplace. Because reputation is embedded in name recognition, the implication of attempting to build name awareness through unique logo development may ultimately confuse your constituents. A consistent visual element will resonate with the university’s diverse audience and provide instant public recognition that an organization is part of the Virginia Tech community.

Departments, programs, institutes, or centers may occasionally desire a unique name or logo that diff ers from Virginia Tech’s existing brand identity to, for example, promote research or highlight a specialty area. Introducing new visual elements may confuse the public as to whether a group or activity is associated with the university, ultimately diluting the distinctiveness of Virginia Tech’s existing brand and possibly resulting in a loss of legal rights.

Approval required

Brand refresh for units

Those responsible for protecting the university’s brand understand the motivation to adopt a unique visual style for a particular unit. Refreshing a particular unit’s overall “brand image” can give a unit its own unique style while following the university’s brand guidelines for creative expression.

A graphic artist may use graphic elements along with  the university’s brand design elements in a unique way to express and communicate a particular unit’s brand through artistic style. This style will more effectively communicate a particular unit while remaining a part of the Virginia Tech brand. These elements are used in a consistent manner for a variety of applications. Using graphic elements (usually made up of things like images, lines, shapes, colors, and textures) to communicate the image of a particular unit within the larger Virginia Tech brand is just one way to communicate the application of a unit’s own brand. These art elements cannot be used as a stand-alone graphic or grouped with the Virginia Tech logo to appear as a larger combined logo. The Virginia Tech or brand extension logo must always be a dominant element of any advertising, poster, display, brochure, website, or signage for any Virginia Tech unit.

Please contact University Relations for assistance.