Virginia Tech's logo and tagline
Virginia Tech's logo and tagline


The official university logo with the ® designation is required on:

  • all print media (brochures, periodicals, etc.)
  • all advertising
  • websites
  • all other media and external communications, according to appropriate guidelines

Using the logo configuration that integrates the tagline is encouraged, especially on major branded publications. This element should be set apart from other graphic elements.


Virginia Tech’s registered tagline, Invent the Future, captures the spirit and personality of the university. The tagline is graphically interlocked with the university logo for use in various official media of the university. In certain cases, it is used as a stand-alone element.

The preferred placement of the university logo with tagline followed by the ® designation is on the front cover of periodicals and brochures, and in advertising (including print, broadcast, Web, outdoor, and posters/flyers), except when using brand extension logos. If a brand extension logo is used, then the tagline, including the ® designation, should appear on the front or back cover. Exceptions must be approved by the associate vice president of University Relations.

The logo with tagline should also be used on such university media as podium signs, nametags, banners and displays, advertising, broadcast media, and websites.

Exceptions are signage and business cards. A special treatment has been designed for letterheads and envelopes that includes the tagline separated from the logo.

Invent the future is a registered trademark and may not be altered or combined with other logos, taglines, or mottos. For licensed commercial products, the ™or the ® designation will be used, depending on the application (see Licensing).

The tagline should not be used as a headline. When used alone, the tagline should appear in Franklin Gothic ITC Demi italic or Arial bold italic with loose letter spacing in black, official colors of the university, or screens of these colors. It is permissible to reverse the tagline on dark backgrounds that are not conducive to black or official colors.