Successfully expressing the Virginia Tech brand through videography requires a purposeful approach. A blend of branded content, graphics, titles, and messaging will make the final product an effective conveyer of the brand.

Working with University Relations video producers/directors can help you achieve your media goals in telling the Virginia Tech story. But for video projects you do on your own, incorporating elements of the brand will strengthen the Virginia Tech connection.

Our people are our greatest asset, and no one tells the Virginia Tech story better. Use text to identify them by their affiliation with the university, and choose a sans-serif font such as Arial and Helvetica.

Virginia Tech’s iconic buildings and locations immediately place viewers on campus and make visually compelling backgrounds. When appropriate, including building signage in the shot increases brand clarity.

Virginia Tech events, such as commencement, are inherently branded, especially when Virginia Tech visual references such as apparel, signage, and colors are included.

Video scenes of research, learning, and outreach convey our brand drivers to audiences.

Using a Virginia Tech logo at the beginning and end reinforces the video’s brand identity. This logo can be full screen or placed over video.

Approval required

Virginia Tech logos

Several logos are available through Visual and Broadcast Communications.

Music Library

Using copyrighted music in a video is against the law. Virginia Tech has a GMP Music Library license so that employees may download music from the library’s website for use in official university video projects.

Media Release Form

Always use this form when videotaping or photographing minors and people not directly affiliated with the university. Also use this form for students, faculty, and staff being photographed for advertising.