University fleet identity
University fleet identity standards

Approval required

In keeping with the university’s identity and brand, the following guidelines are provided for use on university-owned vehicles. An uncluttered and professional decal design that is consistent throughout the university fleet is provided for use in most applications.

Due to the various vehicle body styles and numerous individual departments and special application requests, variations may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. All university vehicles that display the logo or other signage should conform to the university’s identity standards. Vehicles include, but are not limited to, trucks, cars, and vans.

All university vehicles requesting to display the Virginia Tech logo or other markings will need to conform to the university’s fleet identity standards. Vehicles without markings will not be asked to adopt the identity standards. However, those vehicles with outdated identity markings will be asked to change to the new vehicle marking identity standards.

Guidelines include:

  • The preferred vehicle color is white. In a case where that is not practical, alternate logo colors can be provided based on the vehicle’s actual color. Otherwise, the official university colors of black, pantone 208 (maroon), and pantone 158(orange) should always be used.
  • The Virginia Tech logo should appear on the front door at approximately 18 inches wide for small-to-medium-sized cars and no more than 22-24 inches wide on larger trucks and vans. The logo should not be more than 60 percent of the total width of the door. The logo should be centered from left to right and top to bottom and avoid trim and uneven surfaces. The Virginia Tech logo, signature, and unit name cannot be used in conjunction with other logos on vehicles.
  • Unit names or individual department names may be placed on the door, centered below the logo in Adobe Garamond Bold, upper and lower case. The unit name cannot be more than two lines and should be no more the 2.5 inches high.