Brand visual style

The visual standards for publications and all other media ensure that communications from every college, department, and office speak with a clear and uniform voice that best represents the image and brand of Virginia Tech.

The creative approach expresses the university brand through images, written copy and language, and a design approach based on the following characteristics:

  • Proper use of the branded logo and university tagline, Invent the Future.
  • Bold and creative use of typography with the approved fonts.
  • Predominance of sans-serif fonts, both for headlines and body text, e.g., Franklin Gothic or Arial font family.
  • Primary photography focusing on the environment of the subject(s) shown with hands-on interaction. Supporting images illustrating the breadth of opportunities at Tech and the engaging nature of the campus community.
  • A contemporary uncluttered design with liberal use of white space and a color palette that reflects a forward-looking approach. Maroon (PMS 208) should be the prominent color used, while orange (PMS 158) and secondary colors are to be used as the accents.
  • A flexible grid of one to four vertical columns that consist of type and images, and frequently used visible grid lines when desired. These design components embody the university’s dynamic and innovative culture.
  • Major university audiences are reached principally through university- and college-level media, making it important that these publications reflect visual and style standards that reinforce Tech’s brand identity.

Approval required

Marketing and advertising

Approval from the brand marketing manager is required for all external advertising, including posters, postcards, outdoor materials, online, broadcast, or print advertising to ensure compliance with brand guidelines, identity policy, and brand messaging.

The official university logo with the Invent the Future tagline and registered mark ® must be used in all advertising.

All advertising must be submitted to the brand marketing manager at least one week before the publication artwork/materials deadline in case there are changes that much be made to the artwork before publication.

Submit all proposed advertising at least one week before the artwork deadline to the brand marketing manager.

Need help?

For assistance with and development of branded publications, presentations, displays, or advertising, please use the University Relations Design/Editing/Marketing Request Form.