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Color treatment

    Logo colors
    Logo background colors

1) Preferred colors

The preferred version of the university logo includes the maroon shield symbol in PMS 208 or the four-color process equivalent with solid black logotype.

2) One-color logo

Reversed white, solid black, or solid maroon logos are acceptable for one-color process printing.

To give a two-color effect when printing using black, the shield may be printed in a 60-percent screen of black, while the logotype remains in solid black.

3) Printing on color backgrounds

When printing the logo on light backgrounds, use the primary logo.

When reproducing on a darker background, use a reversed, white version of the logo.

Other color usage

The logo can be produced in copper, gold, or silver inks or foils. In special cases, the logotype may be printed in maroon and the shield in copper or silver, embossed foil. The logo may also be blind embossed.

Approval required

External use

Requests to use the university logo for presentations, websites, or other communications are granted for one-time use on a case-by-case basis. Please use the logo request form.

Logos may be used by external organizations to express the role of Virginia Tech as a partner. In all instances, the appropriate ® or ™ designation must be included. If permission is granted, all communications displaying the Virginia Tech logo shall state, “Logo used with permission from Virginia Tech” and shall adhere to the identity standards and requirements set forth in this manual.

File types

Use only officially prepared logos available for download. No other typefaces or combinations of typefaces are permitted in these two primary logos.

For logos in print, use an AI, EPS, TIFF, or PDF.

For logos on screen or online, use a JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

For keeping a version that you can edit, choose your software’s native file format (AI for Adobe illustrator, PSD for photoshop, etc.).